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2020 Menu

Bang Bang Shrimp $13

½ Chicken $13

Deep Fried Ribs $11

2 Piece White $10

2 Piece Dark $9

Fish Nuggets $11

10 Piece Nashville Nugget $9

10 Piece Nugget $8

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $9

Chicken Sandwich $8


Eight Piece $20
w/ 4 pieces of cornbread

Sixteen Piece $30
w/ 8 pieces of cornbread

Forty Piece $20
Nuggets Only


Fries, Bleu Cheese Cole Slaw, Mac Salad, Sriracha Mac

Small (8oz) $3 • Large (16oz) $5

Cornbread $1


Western Maryland Lemonade $3

Water $1



On or off-site catering for private parties, corporate events, weddings, family reunions and so much more. Custom catering menus available. Contact us for more information.


It’s been a long road since 1961, when Buck and Ginny Warn opened a small restaurant beside their home on Bowery Street in Frostburg, Maryland, named the Hen House.

Now, 55 years later, the Chicken Coupe is ready to fly the Hen House coop in search of new culinary adventures. What was once a sleek motor home has been transformed into a mobile kitchen, with a friendly staff ready to feed the crowds at weddings, corporate events, festivals and other events with groups of hungry people out to have a good time. Sporting a deep red paint job, yellow trim and a logo featuring a partially eaten drumstick with wings, the Chicken Coupe is sure to stand out in any crowd.

The menu will include crisp, fresh and deliciously fried chicken, chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches. Other items are available by request for catered events.


Phone: 240-362-2825 • Frostburg, MD

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